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Published on Aprile 3rd, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Via XI Settembre, 38 - 35010 Ronchi Sud - Villafranca Padovana (PD) - ITALY

Phone + 39 049.9070662 - Fax + 39 049.9070665


Made in Italy

Door with 1 or 2 leaf/leafs - REI 60

Built with tubular steel from 15/10 to 18/10 cold-formedinternally insulated with material made of inorganic silicate-free form asbestos, with pits for the containment seals for hot and cold smoke.

The total thickness of the window can vary between 50 mm and 80 mm, depending on the class of fire resistance. Anonimo

Every doors is equipped with

  • heavy steel hinges with three wings bolted to the frame, with rotation on thrust bearings with stainless steel pins;
  • self-lock,opening by simple rotation of the handle;
  • Yale cylinder type or Cisa Brass;
  • handles in stainless steel fire and door closer;
  • self-bolt on the door and secondary door closer regulator, only if two glass doors;
  • glass fire Pyrostop composed of slabs with interposed float Extraclear and Apiro material, total thickness from 23 mm to 52 mm, depending on the class of fire resistance;
  • surface finish with powder coating for interior cooked in oven in standard colors: 1013, 3000, 5010, 6005, 7016, 7035, 8017, 9005, 9006, 9010.

Bulding up on false frame in galvanized steel.

Our production includes the classic opening of the doors (rotation about vertical axis) with a sense of openness defined momentum.

They have complete sets of the following components:

  • hinges
  • lock
  • handle in stainless steel spring
  • painting or anodising interior
  • door closers
  • silicone seals and glass
  • glass mounted on the leafs
  • double strike seals for cold smoke
  • expanding thermal seals for hot smoke
  • regulator for the two closed doors
  • packing in sturdy wooden crates
Category: Doors, Glass

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