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Published on luglio 1st, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

Sealants and grouts

Sealants and grouts are very important for the integrity of a natural stone floor.
The new sealants techniques and the new products (aesthetically non-invasive, elastic, quickly working and easy to use) have led to the substitution of the traditional grout.
Sky Stones is able to suggest a solution for every kind of problems, need and usage to avoid cracks and to improve flooring by making the most of natural stone.
Hereafter you will find different products for the heavy trafficked and for the pedestrian areas as well as those for coating, etc. Grouting has always been fundamental and the new products can solve your everyday problems.

Range of use

FLEXYFUGA SKY STONESSky stones Flexyfuga is a single-component sealant giving high performances in sealing natural stone flooring. It must be used liquid and then hardened through the atmosferic humidity.
It even allows the flooring of areas driven on by trucks.
It does not look invasive and is quite easy to be used. The product can be used as a fixative of unglued plates or can be poured in the blocks cracks to fix them. Before proceeding verifiy that floor is adequately dry.


  • Excellent for heavy trafficked areas
  • Ready in 24 hours
  • It absorbs expansion and mitigates vibrations
  • unalterable in time
  • It resists against mechanical sweepers, frost, heat, acid and salt
  • Easy to use
  • Better characteristics all together compared to sand, concrete and coal sealants


For a correct use you have to place it on Splitflex (or on natural stone chippings 3/6 mm).
To obtain a draining bed use clean and dry Splitflex chippings 2/4 mm, no concrete or sand.
Then proceed with Flexyfuga which penetrates deeply and creates a resistant and elastic structure, the excellent solution for heavy trafficked streets.

Where to use it

It is excellent for heavy trafficked areas (public streets, public squares, etc. )

Amount required

You need 1kg every m2 (for 8/10 cm cubes)

Category: Fixation systems
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