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Published on luglio 1st, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Maskstone: antispot protecting for absorbing natural stones

Natural stone laying

We are now able to solve some typical problems of natural stone laying such as: cleanliness, protection, consolidation and superficial finishing.
We have studied a series of new products together with an important chemistry company.
Given the number of natural stones available on the market (marble, granite, porphyry, basalt, sandstone, gneiss, …) we have studied the new products bearing in mind the characteristics of each natural stone. We have distinguished between the superficial finishing (shiny or opaque) and the working areas (indoor or outdoor).
It is easy to choose which product better satisfies your needs in the following catalogue.


Range of use

MASKSTONE sky stonesSky stones Maskstone is the ideal solution to protect the absorbing natural stones (such as marble, sandstone, sandstone quartz, …) from the spots coming from the colored sealants used during the grouting process.
The formula is balanced so that it works for a short time allowing the stone cleaning without compromising the sealing power.
Maskstone does not change the physical aspect of the surface which preserves its colors (vanishing effect).


  • It simplifies grouting
  • being water-based it is eco-friendly and can be applied on humid
  • surfaces
  • it is antiefflorescenze
  • does not create any superificial film
  • it has got a very beautiful natural effect
  • atoxic


Do not dilute it. It must be applied on clean, not necessarily dry surfaces.
The best way to use it is with a clean sponge. You can also use a clean paint roller, a paintbrush or a spray.
The product in excess must be cleaned immediately with a cloth.
Maskstone must be applied 4-6 hours before grouting. Stone should be cleaned when grout is still soft.

Category: Stone floor
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