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Published on Giugno 4th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

Excellent thermal insulation performances.

Laripan® Xe by Bellotti is one piece composite panel for the making of heat-insulated wooden based roofings.
The outer layer is made of Maritime Pine Exterior plywood and the inner layer is always made of Maritime Pine Exterior plywood, Fir, or by choise among several types of panels and finishes.
This panel is suitable for covering of “A” shaped roofs and it is indicated in projects where it is necessary to meet several requirements using just one product:

  • Excellent thermal insulation performances.
  • High load and durability over the long term thanks to CE marking panels for external use.
  • Aesthetic aspect thanks to selected panels specially chosen for visible use.

The panels are supplied completed with tongue strips for long sides to be inserted in the suitable place; the outer layer has been previously treated with a preserver and waterproof finishing, while the inner layer is rough, to allow the desired finish.
Panels can be grooved like matchboards or they can have a mixed centre-distance groove, like solid wood boards.



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