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Published on giugno 4th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



via San Francesco, 1 - 22072 Cermenate (CO) - ITALY

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Made in Italy

Excellent durability and a high mechanical resistance


Plywood panel, phenol or melamine gluing, constructed exclusively with Okoumè wood.

The Okoumè Plywood by Bellotti is characterized by an excellent durability and a high mechanical resistance, despite its low weight.
The phenol or melamine gluing is suitable for exterior applications (EN 314 Classe 3 – UNI 6478 / 69 Type M 100).
The panels are made in conformity to the norms AFNOR and certified by e French CTBA, have achieved the mark CE for
permanent external environments in structural building according to the norm EN 13896


okoumè bellotti

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