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Published on giugno 30th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Kalzip liner roof system

standar liner roof kalzipKalzip liner roof systems are predominantly used for new build construction, although they can also be used for refurbishment when required.
The Kalzip liner roof system is ideal where speed of installation on a project is of utmost importance.
A non-fragile walkable Kalzip liner sheet can be quickly installed to provide weather cover to allow other trades to work below.
The remainder of the roofing components can then be installed without affecting the critical path of the construction programme.
The Kalzip liner roof system has the outer Kalzip standing seam roof sheet and the internal Kalzip liner trapezoidal profiled liner sheet laid in the same direction across roof purlins acting as the primary support.
The Kalzip standing seam roof sheets are supported directly off the roof purlins via the support clips/halters (aluminium clips or E clips) so therefore act independently of the Kalzip liner sheet.
When lightweight quilt type insulation is used, the external loads (wind suction, snow, access etc.) are transferred direct to the support purlins and not the liner sheet.
The profile and thickness of the Kalzip standing seam roof sheet will be determined by the external loads and the purlin centres whilst the liner sheet will be determined by its dimensional compatibility with the roof sheet and the internal wind pressure, purlin centres, dead weight of the construction components, its walkability requirement and its non-fragility rating.


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