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Published on maggio 23rd, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

Every room you define as a zone allows for individual room control.

Underfloor heating is unique to every home. Uponor One Pack lets you make the decisions.

The location of your manifold and choosing your zones will become an integral part of the design of your underfloor heating system.

Thinking about the design of your system before you purchase will set you up for a successful One Pack experience, allowing you to plan exactly how your system will perform.

Every room you define as a zone allows for individual room control.
Each One Pack will serve one floor.

More than one floor can have underfloor heating, simply follow the selection process and buy a pack for each floor.
The online selection process for One Pack will determine which zones require more than one loop and the easy to use calculator can be found at




Zone name
A zone is an area of living space, often one room, controlled by one thermostat. How you define a zone depends on how you intend to use different rooms; the comfort levels desired, and the most suitable level of control.

Every room you define as a zone allows for individual room control.

Distance from manifold
Measure the distance one way from the manifold to the zone. Try to site the manifold in a location that gives the most efficient distribution of the pipe.

Water temperature controls
This is used when the supply water temperature from the heat source is too high for the underfloor heating. Typically a screeded floor system requires an average water temperature of 40°c.

Room controls
Each has an advantage over the other. Radio gives you the freedom to re-position your thermostats and it also cuts down on material and labour costs. Wired has a permanent power source and does not use batteries.

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