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The Iscom Riverclack® standing seam metal roof system has been on the market for nearly 30 years now and has proven itself in some of the world’s most challenging climatic conditions.
Renowned for its flexibility, exceptional resistance and ease of installation, Riverclack® is the choice for architects across the globe looking to match high quality with design.
The patented drainage channel incorporated in the Riverclack® panels means the system can be installed on long, flat roofs by eliminating the risk of ponding, whilst the special resin based clips used for installation allow for free thermal expansion of the panels without running the risk of damaging the clips or panels themselves.


As a long life, low maintenance system with rapid installation, Riverclack® is a cost effective solution for large and small-scale projects alike.


Select metals such as aluminum, copper and stainless steel are used in combination with the roof system’s own inherent reliability. All metals are 100% recyclable.


Installation is quick and easy and there is no need for pre-assembly of the clips.


The Riverclack® “secret fix” locking system makes no perforations anywhere on the roof surface and allows for free thermal expansion of the panels.


With probably the highest self-bending capabilities of any structural standing seam system, Riverclack® panels can self-curve down to a minimum radius of 25m (0.7mm mill-finish aluminum), thereby removing the extra costs of machine curving work.


Thanks to the temper of the metals used, it is possible to walk on the panels after installation without creating any permanent deflection, even after countless heavy-footed trips across their surface.


Thanks to its unique gasket-free drainage joint, the roof system is watertight even when completely submerged in water.


The Riverclack® design means that no specialist equipment or personnel are required for the installation. There is no pre-assembly of the clips (they are automatically placed in line with each panel during installation), and insulation can also be installed continuously, minimizing thermal bridging.

The speed with which Riverclack® systems are installed can deliver major savings during construction and help achieve an earlier project completion date.


Riverclack’s unique geometric locking action means that the panels are installed by simple foot pressure onto resin-based material clips that form an efficient thermal and electrical break between the roof and the structure underneath.
Whereas traditional standing-seam roof systems are sealed and locked in place by a machine, the special Riverclack® snap-fit (“clack”) system means that panels are able to expand and contract according to thermal conditions without sustaining any damage through friction between the panels themselves or against the clips.
The clips are also highly resistant to wear and tear. During thermal-cycle testing, to simulate both temperature variation and panel movement, the clips performed like new after the equivalent of over 200 years.


The drainage channel is one of the key advantages of the Riverclack® system. In storm conditions, water can slow or come to a standstill as it runs off the roof. With nowhere to go, the water level then rises and the profile is quickly submerged.
With Riverclack®, the drainage channel captures any water that might penetrate the side lap and carries it away to the gutter, eliminating the risk of leaks into the building.
By eliminating the risk of leakage, the Riverclack® drainage channel allows for lower roof pitches and longer panel lengths. In 2009, CA Group Ltd. (UK) installed almost 1,000 Riverclack® panels on the roof of the Prologis – Marks & Spencer distribution center in Bradford, UK. The panels were 178m (584ft) long with a roof pitch of just 1.5°.
Indeed, after steelwork deflection at panel ends, the Riverclack® system can be installed on roofs with pitches as low as 0.28°.


Riverclack® panels are offered in 3 standard widths:
500mm (19.69”)
550mm (21.65”)
600mm (23.62”)

However, we also have the necessary expertise and technology to produce customized width panels to suit any and all architectural, functional and budgetary requirements.
Riverclack® panels can also be straight, tapered, concave or convex and are self-bending down to a radius of 25m (82ft), with a machine smooth-curving process available to accommodate smaller radiuses down to 3m (9.8ft) convex and 8m (26.2ft) concave.
It is even possible to apply a combination of convex and concave shapes and multiple radiuses, all to a single straight or tapered panel, down to a 1.5m (4.9ft) radius in a convex shape.
Rolling mills can be equipped with a tapering kit to produce continuous length tapered and custom width panels, even on site (min. width 170mm / 6.7”, max. width 540mm / 21.25” at panel end).
When the roof is characterized by a slight double curve, it is still possible to use straight Riverclack® panels. Adaptive clips allow the straight panels to fit the curve of the roof, providing a simple and quick cladding system even in the case of complex shapes.

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