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Published on giugno 30th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Condensing and modulating gas powered unit heaters

G SERIES ROBURCondensing technology enters in the world of gas unit heaters offering higher efficiency and energy savings for human and environmental comfort thanks to the automatic modulation of the flame and ventilation.

The winning characteristics

  • High thermal efficiency and respect of the new norms about the heating installation system. The choice of condensation for Gas Powered Unit Heaters allows to obtain thermal efficiencies over 105% and consequently comparable with the best condensing boilers on the market. The remarkable advantage of Gas Powered Unit Heaters is that the water distribution is not required, presenting a better global efficiency of the system.
  • Perfect modulation of the heating output. The energy needed is grant by the heaters in a uniform and adequate mode for any single part of the premises. Each heater is able to give its own heating output proportioned to heating demand. In this way the modulation will support an average efficiency of functioning much more higher than the nominal value of the system and a constant ambient temperature in any functioning condition.
  • CO and NOx emissions pratically nil.. The control of the total premix combustion permits also to avoid problems on the exhaust flue system.

Ideal applications:

  • workshops and factories;
  • all premises where high comfort and high efficiency are required;
  • commercial buildings and show rooms;
  • sports halls and fitness centres.
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