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Published on maggio 26th, 2014 | by Sara Leonardi



Made in Italy


Via Austria, 25/E - 35127 Padova (PD) - ITALY

Phone +39 049 8530101 - Fax +39 049 8530111

Production: Waterproofing and thermal-acoustic insulation.

A pioneer in professional waterproofing and thermal-acoustic insulation

With over fifty years of experience and success, ETERNO IVICA S.r.l. represents a type of business that knows how to grow, expand and consolidate its position in the market. The name itself indicates its roots: Ivica was founded in 1955 by Ruggero Favero and in 1980 merged with Eterno, producer of professional rubber products for the building industry, established in 1977.
Later in the 80’s, business management passed to Gabriele Favero, Ruggero’s son, who embarked on a project focused on diversifying the production into alternative products. This led to the creation of another company, Italtronic, specialist in plastic components for the electronic industry, and as a consequence Plastic Planet was set up to produce and mould plastic.

ETERNO IVICA, the core company in the group, can be described as a pioneer in professional waterproofing and thermal-acoustic insulation. This activity over time moved into the production of accessories for waterproofing and water drainage and now production is concentrated in producing these ranges of products, focusing more on paving supports.
This company was one of the first enterprises to set up business in the Padua Industrial Zone, in “Prima Strada” Street which was the very first and oldest part of Padova industrial area: only tarmac surfaced road and all around only cobblestone roads and endless fields. Currently, all the companies of Plastic Plus Group are located in Via Austria, in the new part of the industrial zone, preferring Italy than investing abroad or delocalization, remaining in an area of Veneto region which offers ideal and perfect solutions in terms of logistics and services.

The excellence these companies are offering, is not just related to research and ultimate prototyping combined with project design and development, but the real added value to this Group is the approach it has to the employees – “work ethics” – offering ideal facilities that can be used during the work time, but where they can also socialise in free time, as a small gym.

“In Plastic+ Group there is a code of conduct”, explains Gabriele Favero, “just simple rules which do not concern working procedures and processes, but focused on individual conduct in the workplace to ensure and promote a good and collaborative working atmosphere amongst the employees. Another important aspect is the approach in the production process, which respects and reflects our philosophy: we only use recycled raw materials as well as working to stringent standards and legislation concerning environmental protection and occupational health and safety in the workplace. Respect for nature and for man, we neither promote nor favour child labour. These principles and cornerstones are making us different.” Gabriele Favero concludes saying “in 2008 each of the three companies was accredited with the SA 8000:2001 Certification for Social Accountability, a significant acknowledgement confirming our values and ethics of corporate social responsibility tied to research and innovation”.

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