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Published on maggio 26th, 2014 | by Sara Leonardi



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Made in Italy

Engineering of silence

The Acoustics Division of Eterno Ivica is born by merging within the Plastic+ Group the wide technical, site and commercial experience of professionals passionate about acoustics that, right from the start when the first framework law about the subject was published, drew the history of the materials for acoustic insulation in Italy, designing products for sound insulation and absorption that are now widely used in civil and industrial building. The nearly twenty years’ experience acquired by these acoustics professionals has now found a new push since it can rely on the commercial network and industrial capabilities of Eterno Ivica, the historical Padua company  that’s been working in building waterproofing and thermal and acoustic insulation since 1955. We have designed, tested and certified the best materials and the most innovative solutions available on the building market today, a market that’s always looking for the best quality-price ratio. Our Technical Department, consisting of Technicians expert in Acoustics (as provided for by Law No. 447/1995), can carry out preliminary analyses or project plans, according to Customers’ requests. We can analyze an architectural plan and translate it into a detailed acoustic project plan, highlighting the results that can be obtained on site when the works are completed and/or any building criticalities. We offer customers a complete service both at the project stage and when laying the products, down to the sound level inspection of the achieved results on site, using the certified instruments provided for by the current legislation in force.

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