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Published on maggio 26th, 2014 | by Sara Leonardi



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PEDESTAL – The ultimate solution to the problems of external pavings

The Pedestal system is definitely the high point of contemporary paving. It is based on a series of adjustable modular supports that simply and safely adapt to all kinds of floor. It ensures elegant, homogenous paving each time, without having to subject the building to radical structural work. It eradicates problems of damp, water infiltration and the accommodation of cables or pipes, at the same time allowing for quick, straightforward inspection.

ETERNO, the system that changes your life.
eternoAdjustable paving support “Eterno” with self-levelling bi-material head
It was the first. And it’s still one of a kind.
The Eterno “SE” adjustable support with a tilting end was the first in a long line of accessories for exterior floating floors. Its a raised flooring product that combines superb technical features and exceptional aesthetics with maximum ease of installation. It has come to be recognized as the market’s most exclusive solution for dealing with sloping installation surfaces. In this regard, the product is capable of providing exceptional results thanks to its tilting movement, which is capable of compensating for slopes of up to 5%.
The adjustment is performed using a wrench, which can be applied from above once the flooring has been installed and guarantees the precision alignment of the entire floor surface. This unrivalled product also boasts numerous additional advantages, which are enjoyed every day around the globe by architects, builders and installers alike.


  • Self-levelling head that automatically justify slopes to 5%;
  • Adjustable height from 28 to 550mm once pavement is finished thanks to exclusive regulation key
  • 320 cm2 smooth base support
  • Entirely recyclable
  • Resistant to temperatures between -40° to 120°C
  • Resistant to acids and ultraviolet deterioration
  • Suitable to any self-supporting outdoor paving system
  • Protect by international PATENT
  • Head with upper part of soft non-slip and anti-noise rubber
  • Tabs easy to remove

Download the technical data sheet

The New Maxi adjustable support

new-maxiIt boasts a wide range of features that render it perfect for any number of raised flooring applications, including noise-reducing rubber ends, a special adjustment wrench, variable heights and a pre-cut base for wall corner cuts.
Featuring an above average tensile strength and a reliability that can only be offered by experts in the field of raised flooring supports, this product is regularly selected and widely appreciated throughout the building industry worldwide. The adjustment of the slope is carried out using special spacers.


  • Precision adjustment from 25 to 270 mm
  • Possibility of adjusting the height once the floor has been finished, thanks to the exclusive adjustment wrench
  • End with upper part in noise-reducing anti-slip rubber
  • Smooth support base of 320 cm2
  • Resistant to weathering, acids, UV rays and wear and tear.
  • Resistant to temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +120°C.
  • Fully recyclable
  • Can be used in conjunction with any outdoor flooring
  • Easily removable tabs

Download the technical data sheet

Adjustable “Basic” support
basicThe newest and easiest support in the Pedestal range is Basic support. It includes in its two essential elements both technical and practical properties. With a loading capacity above 600 kg, Basic range is adjustable from 27 to 120 mm.


  • Precision adjustment from 27 to 120 mm
  • Possibility of adjusting the height by acting directly upon the base
  • Smooth support base of 320 cm2
  • Resistant to weathering, acids, UV rays and wear and tear
  • Resistant to temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +120°C
  • Fully recyclable
  • Can be used in conjunction with any outdoor flooring

Download the technical data sheet

EH12 – EH15 – EH20 / Balancer / LH3 levelling disc
EHPaver supports with fixed height (non-adjustable) are available in 3 different versions: type EH12 (h.12mm), EH15 (h.15mm) and EH20 (h.20mm). Since always they are the quickest and cheapest solution for installation of raised paver slabs. In case of differences in level or imperfections of slabs, 4 exclusive BALANCERS are provided for an automatic balancing of the paver. For the installation of particular tiles 10mm thick, a unique type of EH12 support with 8mm high spacing tabs is also available. Should a simple rubber shim be necessary, the LH3 LEVELLING DISC (3mm thick) is available and suitable to all supports. It can be placed either on top or under the support.

Download the technical data sheet

Adjustable “Silent” support
se-silentThe experience in outdoor elevated floors, combined with the demands of a market that is increasingly attentive to sound insulation, has resulted in the creation of a new line of one-of- a- kind supports: “Pedestal Silent”, designed to ensure in a single element, all the technical properties of the Eterno adjustable support, plus double noise reduction imparted by the PP + RUBBER blend head, and by the layer of 3 mm thick high-density closed-cell foam insulation applied under the base of the support. These two elements, combined with a special compound formulated by Eterno Ivica’s technicians for the “Silent” line, are able to reduce the acoustic bridge that is created between the floor and laying surface, providing effective sound insulation in the home, with the noise level reduced by over 25dB.

Download the technical data sheet


testa-xlNew XL head, for Eterno self leveling or New Maxi pedestals
New locking system for Eterno self leveling pedestal, suitable for both Standard head or new XL head.


easystopEASYSTOP: Skirting for external
The EASYSTOP is a technical skirting solution for outdoor applications allowing a cover and ensuring a connection for the waterproof layer which should be allowed to be turned some 5 cm up the wall and not be cut. The section is designed to create this functional up turn and at the same time protects the layer within the base providing a defined space to apply silicon and to protect the wall’s edge. The profile is in two parts: BASE in anodised aluminium silver and the TOP, which clips into the base, in the following finishes: Silver anodised Aluminium or Micaeous.

easydropEASYDROP: Profile drainer with draining channel
EASYDROP is a perimeter profile for finishing and protection of concrete exposed edge of the balconies and terraces, with upper finishing for tiles containment.

The particular section of the profile defines a perforated channel of drainage on the edge of the profile in order to facilitate the discharge of water and residual moisture. Leave a suitable space between the different elements for the thermal expansion, covering the gap with the connecting element.



Universal edge clip
clip-bordo-piastraThe perfect join: attractive and functional
Designed by Eterno Ivica to avoid contact between the slabs of outdoor raised floors and outside walls, the universal edge clip is made entirely from stainless steel. It incorporates a damper to absorb longitudinal and transverse thermal expansion and guarantees a secure grip. Use of these clips ensures a stable floor surface with a straight and elegant perimeter.

Download the technical data sheet

Clip for vertical closure
clip-bordo-verticaleThe sure new way of finishing in style
Our clip for vertical closure is designed to solve a problem typical of many external floors, i.e. how to fill in the gap around the edge when no perimeter wall is present. This solution represents an innovative, easy and elegant way to eliminate gaps around raised floors. The system consists of two special, stainless steel clips for positioning over the head and under the base of the Eterno Ivica support. It creates a firm seat capable of gripping the section of floor cut to size to fill the gap. The use of our floor edge clip effectively prevents horizontal movement in floor slabs.

Download the technical data sheet

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