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Published on Maggio 26th, 2014 | by Chiara Debernardi



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Made in Italy

The most wide range of accessories for waterproof systems

Roof drains, corners and cant profile made of polymeric bituminous membrane

boccETERNO IVICA does a revolution in the world of accessories for waterproofing systems. Revolution stays in the flange made of a piece of polymeric modified bituminous membrane. Revolution stays also in the adhesion, totally perfect and quick to any sort of bituminous membrane, both in single or double layer. Revolution stays ultimately in the spigot 450mm and 250 mm long, the one in the market with 10 real anti-infiltration tongues to prevent any infiltration between spigot and pipe in case of water back-up.

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Prefabricated corners made of polimeric bituminous membrane

angoloThe bituminous prefabricated corners are made by hot folding of a unique piece of bituminous membrane with composite reinforcement. The main advantage is the total melting to the waterproofing sheet as long as their flexibility during installation which give a total waterproofing guarantee on the most risky points.

“STRIPE-BIT” cant profile
Like with bituminous corner profiles, the STRIPE-BIT corner profile is obtained via the hot bending of a bituminous membrane with composite reinforcement. It has a length of 110 cm.

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Eterno EPDM rubber roof drain with a 200 mm spigot
bocchEntirely manufactured in EPDM rubber, it is the very first historical roof drain invented by ETERNO IVICA. The exclusive dove-tail notches on the flange for a perfect bond to any bituminous membrane and the cylindrical spigot are still the same.

Epdm rubber roof drain with trap
It consists of the traditional spigot that fits any kind of drain-pipe, the flange with the exclusive dove tail notches for a perfect bond to the membrane and a tank to collect the rain water. This roof drain is delivered
with dome and leaf-guard.

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Roof drain “Genius” made of TPE with a 250 or 400 mm spigot

geniusManufactured of a special compound of thermoplastic rubber, it is highly resistant against low temperatures (cold flexibility = -40°) as well as perfectly compatible with all sorts of bituminous waterproofing membrane. “GENIUS” is the only roof drain in the world with a special circular row of holes and through these holes the waterproofing membrane torched over its flange is totally blended with the membrane below. The spigot is provided with two or three couples of anti-infiltration tongues that prevent any infiltration. The product is PATENTED.

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TPE roof drain with side or vertical exit
latThe TPE roof drain with side and vertical exit is the ideal solution for balconies and terraces: its flange with holes is perfectly compatible with any bituminous or resin waterproofing. System is composed by an extension element that can be adjusted according to concrete screed thickness, and by a stainless steel grate plus frame. A special anti-odour cap is also available on request. Elements to be ordered separately.

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TPE angular drain with round spigot l500mm
bocch1The angular roof drain with round exit spigot is provided with a 500mm long drain spigot which could be easily made longer simply by using a standard plastic pipe.

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Simple wall and double wall TPE roof vents – protection collar
esalThe vent pipe allows moisture and vapour under waterproofing membrane to go out. It is available in the following models: the simple wall version used in case of a simple waterproofing membrane and the double wall version used in the presence of insulating panels. For a further protection, the use of the special protection collar is also recommended.

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Eterno line:

  • “Standard” type air vent for shingles
  • EPDM rubber and TPE base fittings for pipes – TPE conical base fitting for pipes
  • PP, zinc, copper and stainless steel leaf-guards and pp leaf-guard for 45° Angular drain
  • Gravel-guard – extension ring – universal adaptor
  • Eave-comb filler
  • Anti-nest comb

Download the technical data sheet

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