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Published on Maggio 13th, 2014 | by Chiara Debernardi



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High acoustic isolation features.

Resilient but very resistant, pulsar is a material that reduces noise on any floor
Latex-based under-screed impact sound insulation mat, reinforced with high mechanical resistance coating and provided with superb certified elastic features. Suitable to cut down on impact and air-borne noise in light floors, wood floors or if site requirements provide for laying the mat before the utilities.

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foto-dynamic-dpcmDYNAMIC DPCM
High elasticity and point support, the characteristics allowing DPCM a high impact sound reduction in floors
Centrifuged rubber latex under-screed impact sound insulation mat, fitted with a wholly waterproof membrane, developed to obtain a better balance between dynamic stiffness, compressibility and creep. Particularly suitable for applications on floors without underfloor heating and with limited thickness screed.

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foto-dynamic-lineDYNAMIC LINE
Impact sound insulation that reduces floor vibrations thanks to its elastic lines
Centrifuged rubber latex under-screed impact sound insulation mat, fitted with a wholly waterproof membrane, designed and tested for floors with underfloor heating, also with self-levelling screed. High elasticity with guaranteed and certified life.

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Thin polyester fibre impact sound insulation mat with high acoustic isolation features
Sound insulation mat in needle felt polyester coupled with a polyethylene waterproofing film. Suitable for cases where compliance with the regulations (tested and certified) must be achieved at the lowest possible cost.

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High performance for an indispensable floor. Particularly recommended for floating wood floors
Rubber latex “surface” (underfloor) impact sound insulation mat, particularly indicated for renovations where a new floating wood floor is going to be laid on the existing floor. Studied and tested to achieve the best results with the minimum thickness (3mm).

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New subfloor that can be applied straight under ceramic floors thanks to its reduced thickness
High performance and minimum thickness “surface” (underfloor) impact sound insulation mat indicated and suitable for laying ceramic flooring. It is the only one to reach superb impact sound insulation levels preserving at the same time the integrity of the tiles.

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The adhesive strip to use for the isolation between screed and wall
Closed-cell polyethylene-based perimeter strip. Indispensable accessory necessary for the correct operation of the insulation system. Its height (20cm) allows to lay rather thick screed without running the risk of creating any connection between casting and walls (and therefore sound bridges). Its absence or incorrect laying is surely going to cause disputes.

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