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Published on maggio 13th, 2014 | by Sara Leonardi



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Sound insulation acoustic panel


Flexibility and practicality of use as well as resistance characterize the sound insulation panel – sound insulation acousticbag
Sound insulation acoustic panel consisting of two layers of high density rockwool with a self-extinguishing polymer-based viscoelastic mass membrane interposed. The synergy between the rockwool panels constituting the springs and the internal mass free to vibrate creates a high performance acoustic product –Rw 30 dB. Acoustibag has been used for years in wall cavities, plasterboard, false ceilings and all heavy-duty uses thanks to the mechanical and physical protection system obtained by the external polyethylene wrapping.

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High performance panel also in the most complex situations
Sound insulation cavity panel consisting of a double layer of wood fibre with polyester fibre in-between (mass-spring-mass). The heaviest (and therefore insulating) panel in comparison with similar panels on the market. Widely tested and certified on any masonry building package.

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Rigid panel ideal to fight noise in the most difficult cases. Recommended inside partition walls, it offers superb performance.
Panel with high insulating power in a wide range of frequencies. A research product, consisting of heavy panels in natural fibres obtained from processing wood, connected elastically by an internal core in synthetic polyester fibre, becomes an active mass-spring-mass system. The nature and shape of Biwood allows it to be easily used in wall cavities where, together with them, it achieves a high overall insulating power. Laying it must be done with the utmost care and continuity according to the manufacturer’s instructions. None of the elements in the product contains asbestos, formaldehyde or any other substance banned by the current health and safety regulations.

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Your ecological fibre
Widely tested and certified sound insulation material. It has the same acoustic characteristics as rockwool, but better physical qualities: it doesn’t absorb humidity, is resistant to chemical agents, cannot be attacked by fungi and bacteria and doesn’t lose any dust. Suitable for sound insulation also laid at sight. Positively recommended as sound insulating material in ceiling cavities where the loss of dust might cause serious problems.

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The antivibration membrane against floor noise propagation
Very high mechanical strength underpinning tracked membrane. Necessary to insulate brick walls from floors and therefore prevent the transmission of vertical vibrations and noise propagation on the floor.  Tested and certified to withstand the weight of the walls and not to cause cracks and splits in the plaster.

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