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Published on maggio 25th, 2015 | by Sara Leonardi



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08. TXT

Made in Italy

A potential sound absorbing solution

We have succeeded Again! Once again, we have revolutionised (if not created) the world of Acoustics. We are ready to present TXT® and talk about Acustica… Again.
It was not enough for us to have laid the foundations, in 1997, with products that, at that time, were invented by “Acustica Sistemi” and dedicated to the cautious acoustics sector. We wanted to repeat again in order to give a new twist and new solutions to the problems of living comfort for all buildings, both new and to be refurbished. We wanted to show that only longstanding consolidated experience allows the pursuit of unimaginable materials. We wanted to be the first again, and we have succeeded!
We thought about ecology and recycling, using completely recycled fabrics, wool – silk – linen – cotton, which are all natural and recyclable. We shredded and sanitized them, added an inert material and bonded them on the inside with heat-fused polypropylene, a material that is also recycled and recyclable.
After carding, we obtained a panel that we immediately tested. The initial results were a revelation to us, as we understood that we were facing a real revolution.

We have called it TXT®, which evokes the word “Texture”, or fibre, and we know that it will change the world of acoustics as it has been known up to now.
Various thicknesses and different weights underwent many further university tests, including the CREEP test and the Dynamic Stiffness test that determine the performance of reference for the sector, such as: the durability over time under the weight of the screed and the elasticity of the product. Needless to say, the results proved better than our previous products, which, still today, are the only reference for the entire acoustic sector: the challenge was to exceed our own expectations. We succeeded in this, and even reduced production costs by 30%.
TXT® from “Acustica Sistemi by Eterno Ivica” will become the basis for all our bonded fabrics: it can be used for impact underlay and subfloors, false ceilings and partition walls, cavities and anti-reverberation solutions. Therefore, the new TXT® is not only an excellent resilient material but it can also be used as a potential sound absorbing solution.
TXT®: Acustica… Again.


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