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Published on Febbraio 16th, 2021 | by Chiara Debernardi



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9Cento: marble effect porcelain stoneware slabs

Made in Italy


Ceramiche Keope presents the porcelain stoneware 9Cento collection, a line of marble varieties and stones inspired by early 20th Century European modernist architecture with new fascinating meanings in contemporary contexts.


The 9Cento series boasts an original palette of 6 chromatic variants which bring to mind the luxurious atmospheres of modern villas at the turn of the last Century. Modern-day eclecticism plays with combinations of materials, colours and reinterpretations of the past and makes the marble variants extremely fashionable with cross-contaminations from the various origins and fashions of the time.

9cento collection

Expressive research and technical finesse are reunited in all six sizes of 9Cento – all of which measure 120 cm along the side, with the exception of the smallest size, the 60×60 cm square. The large slab, 6 mm in thickness, combines technical strength and aesthetic superiority in a size which beautifully presents the unpredictable textures of the ceramic marble surfaces.

Colors from the 9Cento collection

Beneath a perfect lapped finishing, the rigorous design welcomes the unexpectedness of the natural signs in the 5 marble varieties which then blend together to form a further Palladian decorative variant.

Ombra Moca

A dark background is lit up by a storm of streaks in shades of colour reminiscent of tea and coffee tipped with touches of terracotta. Every gram of pigment triggers an intense exchange with space.

Raggio Verde

As bright as the Irish countryside, as uncertain as the Northern skies: there are so many different shades of green on the surface, streaked with candid veins and mineral filaments, that counting them is impossible.

Alba Oro

An Italian Calacatta that is particularly romantic and steeped in ancient memories. Its veins, sometimes fine and sometimes coarse, extend like golden branches tinged with powder pink or orange pigments, in a pattern that never repeats itself.

Aurora Beige

When minerals come perfectly together, Breccia marble alights. A soft, variegated beige emerges from the background, revealing all the classical beauty of its Mediterranean soul.

Riflesso Bianco

Exotic elegance with a bright and evanescent background flecked with scales of granitic origin. Streams of colour run across the surface, dark pigments moving closer together and then further apart.


Transformed by the perfect combination of colour, shape and shine, the Palladian style takes flight on the wings of fantasy and rigour. Sections of marble release unexpected, almost magnetic geometries; varying colours celebrate the creative use of natural materials in futuristic contexts. Metamorfosi makes it possible for new interiors to contend with a century of revolutionary architecture while allowing contemporary projects to journey towards decorative frontiers that we have yet to discover.



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