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Published on luglio 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Fire retardant varnishes

Preparation of surfaces

fireblock starkemVerify that the materials to protect are free of grease, fats, oil, waxy impregnating and preesisting varnishes.
Existing paint coats must be removed by sandblasting or by sandpapering with coarse grain and then fine abrasive paper at naked wood.
After this operation, in order to ensure maximum adherence of fire-retardant paint on the support, carry out further cleaning using a dampened cloth with nitro thinner to remove completely from wood traces of wax.
It should be checked carefully that the humidity of the wooden materials to coated is less than the value of 12% in weight.
If the conditions of preparation above indicated are not respected, we don’t give any guarantee of durability of treatment.

Treatment of substrate

Application of our product STARWOOD/W, water based primer , in amout of 80-100 g/m2 in order to confer resistance to mold and pests of wood (this treatment should be done on naked wood).
The product can be furnished in transparent or colored version.


Application of one coat of varnish FIREBLOCK EU with a consumption of 150 g/m2. After approx. 8 – 10 hours, once dried the first coat, proceed with the application of a second coat with a consumption of 150 g/m2.
We recommend to wait at least 48 hours, after complete drying of the two previous coats, to do a slight sandpapering and then to apply a finish coat called TOP COAT for FIREBLOCK EU in amount of 50 g/m2.
The total quantity of paint applied, therefore, amounts to 350 g/m2 distributed over three coats.

For all information that aren’t present in this specification for the application, look at data sheet.

  1. Indicate the type of wood support to treat (wall, matchboard, false ceiling) and the quality of the wood used (fir, beech, oak, etc.)
  2. Indicate the application system used (spray, brush, roller, etc.)
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