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Published on novembre 18th, 2013 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Rivera, 50 - 20841 Carate Brianza (MB)

Phone + 39 0362 91601 - 800 554994 - Fax + 39 0362 990457

Production: Industrial overlay, civil overlay, insulation

Industrial and civil overlay and insulation

The Brianza Plastica S.p.A. group consists of two companies contributing to the study, realisation and supply of very high quality materials and products, making Brianza Plastica S.p.A. group as one of the most qualified in the industrial and civil overlay and insulation sector.


The companies making up Brianza Plastica S.p.A. group are:

Brianza Plastica
Brianza Plastica is the company from which the group starts off and develops.
The company has its origin in 1962 at Carate Brianza with the production of fibreglass laminates.
As years went by the production was expanded and nowadays Brianza Plastica produces insulating overlay systems which can satisfy the most varied needs in the building sector.

  • Carate Brianza (MB), premises and production site
  • Ferrandina (MT), production site
  • San Martino di Venezze (RO), production site
  • Ostellato (FE), production site
  • Nola (NA), commercial warehouse

The production site of Ferrandina (MT), set up in 2003 with an aim of ever increasing and enhancing ISOTEC’s production, the thermo-insulating building panel, the ideal undertile element for new roofs and the reconstruction of old overlays.

Plasti-Bat is the international distribution logistics premises for the products of the Brianza Plastica group of Lyon, France which, along with the Nola (NA) premises, cater for the supply and delivery of products.

  • Diemoz – Francia, commercial warehouse
Category: Insulation, Roofing
Tags: Civil overlay, Industrial overlay, Insulation, Overlay, roofing

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