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Published on febbraio 12th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Fiberglass laminates

ELYPLAST fiberglass laminates are available in corrugated and flat form and are similar in appearance to existing zinc-plated corrugated metal and glass sheets. The success of these materials lies in the potential to use new elements in the construction industry, for roofing and vertical closures.

ELYPLAST’s versatility means that it can be employed in a simple, logical and economically efficient manner, on a vast range of building types: from industrial to residential, in the construction of new buildings and in the refurbishment of pre-existing buildings and to resolve issues of daytime illumination within buildings.

The importance of translucency in this product is immediately apparent, as is the value of its inherent technical and mechanical joining characteristics in the production process, between polyester resin (thermosetting) and fiberglass.

The results obtained through its application including: skylight roofing, wall coating, building fronts and suspended roofing, attest to the success of a material which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also allows for a pleasant light to be transmitted and distributed uniformly throughout the building.

Furthermore, its characteristics of durability, lightness, ease of transport and workability in laying mean that it is suitable for use in any type of wooden, iron or reinforced concrete structure. Brianza Plastica’s industrial history has contributed to the evolution of these products, the performance and economic qualities of which are unrivaled to this day.


Elyplast sheets are continuous lamination products with stratification of polyester resin and fiberglass reinforcement (GFRP). The Elyplast standard version is ortophthalic resin based, carefully selected to contain low levels of styrene, stabilised against UV rays and low shrinkage. Upon request the material can be produced with isophthalic Cristal and self-extinguishing resins. GFRP is a thermosetting product.


Elyplast is a versatile product which is suitable for various uses and extreme conditions such as roofing and skylights for industrial buildings, roofing for agricultural structures, greenhouses, porches,curtain walls and diy.

Being corrosion resistant, it is used in water purification plants and as roofing stables and in composting, galvanising and tannery industries. The length of the sheets, particularly when used as roofing, can be cut to suit the width of the roof; you should overlap the sheets in case of wider roofs.

Technical characteristics

Laminates made from reinforced polyester resin and glass fiber have the following technical characteristics:

caratteristiche tecniche

Resistance to chemical agents
The reinforced polyester laminates are not affected by the action of the following acids, in the solutions indicated depending on the concentration and the test temperature of between 30 and 50°C:

resistenza agenti chimici

Dimensional and qualitative tolerances
Refer to norms UNI EN 1013-1 and UNI EN 1013-2 •Weight tolerance: ± 5%

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