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Published on Marzo 10th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

Ecap Grey T is a prefabricated thermal insulating board in EPS Class 100 treated with graphite

• Cement based smoothing mortar (thickness: approx. 3 mm.)
• Alkali-resistant, dimensionally stable fiberglass mesh 160 gr./m² covered by the smoothing mortar with prearranged overlaps.
• Punched holes for the insertion of the dowels. 11

Field of application

• External thermal insulation.
• Internal thermal insulation for walls and ceilings.
• Thermal insulation of prefabricated buildings.
• Refurbishing and renovation of façades.
• Elimination of construction and general thermal bridges.
• Protection of the façades from rain.


Download Ecap GT.PDF


Category: Insulation
Tags: insulating board, Insulation, prefabricated thermal insulating board, thermal insulating, thermal insulating board

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