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Published on maggio 20th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Jenner, 41/43 - 26837 Mulazzano (LO) - ITALY

Phone +39 02 98879353 - Fax +39 02 98875273

Production: Technologies protect against the spread of fire

Passive protection from fire

AF Systems is the partner par excellence in Passive Fire Protection certified UNI EN ISO 9001.

The Italian company is, in fact, specialized in the production of innovative firestop products dedicated to the fire-proof sealing of plant crossings and to the protection of smoke-proof rooms.

All AF Systems products applied to walls or floors have EI certifications in compliance with the most recent European harmonized UNI-EN standards, specifically covering the most common and technologically relevant cases present in the subdivision works.

The range of AF Systems products is completed by intumescent paints, shims for metal rods, calcium silicate plates, fireproof collars and other complementary products of the sector.


Fire protection products have a certified installation made by specialized personnel for installation; in addition, the AF Systems Technical Department guarantees assistance to customers starting from the design until the implementation and release of all the documentation in accordance with the law on the work performed.

AF Systems solutions

AF Systems guarantees fire-fighting solutions through:

  • fireproof seals in the crossing of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems;
  • building walls, fire panels and flame-cut barriers;
  • cable duct protection, ceiling lights;
  • supply and assembly of overpressure systems for filter-smoke zones.

AF Systems product range

  • Overpressure kit – Overpressure systems for smoke-proof filters
  • Air ducts solutions – Flexible protections for ventilation ducts and air diffusers
  • Cable protection – Bearings, blocks and fireproof paint for cable trays
  • Pipe protection – Intumescent collars and sheaths for insulated plastic and metal pipes
  • Construction solutions – Panels, cupels and fire-break joints
  • Sealing solutions – Firestop sealants and foams
  • Electric boxes – Internal protections for electrical boxes type 503-504 and for electrical junction boxes
  • False ceilings protection – Fire protection for ceiling lights and spotlights
  • Pyro safe DG – SVT – Intumescent bandage for electric cables
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