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Published on maggio 20th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

Designed to restore fireproofing properties of calcium silicate or plasterboards walls



Recessed electrical and junction boxes are points where a fire can easily trigger or spread (electrical boxes reduce
the thickness of fire proof barriers).
AF E BOX and AF Electric BOX provide an effective solution to prevent this problem.
AF ELECTRIC BOX is a specific product designed to restore fireproofing properties of calcium silicate or plasterboards walls.


Made in calcium silicate plates and endowed with thermo- expanding materials AF Electric BOX enable to seal the passages of electric cables.

AF E-BOX is an intumescent stripe created for electric plastic boxes recessed in fire resistant walls.
Its application enables to maintain the desired degree of fire resistance in walls endowed with recessed electrical and junction boxes.
In case of fire AF E-BOX expands until the volumetric compartment occupied by the electrical box is completely satured.


For plasterboard and calcium silicate walls AF ELECTRIC BOX is applied inside the wall to cover and to protect switches and electrical devices.
It is fixed with simple self tapping screws on the boards. AF E-BOX is easily applied inside electrical devices.


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