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Published on gennaio 4th, 2017 | by Raffaella Capritti



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AF MASA – Fire-rated cushion

Made in Italy

AF MASA – Fire-rated cushion for the protection for cable trays penetrtions



AF MASA is a fire-rated cushion designed to grant EI 120 (according to EN 1366-3) to walls and floors passed through by cable trays.
AF MASA grants a perfect resistance to cold smokes thanks to its permanent elasticity.
When exposed to fire at a temperature that exceeds 180 °C, the intumescent cushion forms an expanding carbon foam that seals the opening and blocks the passage of heat, flames, smoke and gases.

Field of application: The product AF MASA is used to seal the passages of electric cables placed on cable trays on walls and floors.

 Technical Datasheet AF MASA


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