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Published on settembre 4th, 2015 | by Sara Leonardi



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U.D. GEO Filtering System

Made in Italy

Eco-friendly filtering system for outdoor

U.D._GEO_FILTRA_System1-800x533U.D. Geo Filtering is a self load-bearing, filtering, ecofriendly system with natural inert at sight. The system is certified for loads and friction coefficient. U.D. Geo Filtering is realized with breathable formulas of new generation belonging to Aquatec Line, with zero VOC certification.


  • Installation on concrete subbased with introduction of geo-fabrics
  • Perfect integration in the typical solution of natural grit with a filteringing action without alteration of hydro-geological environment
  • Anti-slip action in the presence of rain or ice without formation of surface film
  • Resistance to mechanical solicitations and thermal expansion
  • Resistance to freeze/thaw cycles and to the action of fluids anti-ice and the icing salts
  • Resistance to hydrocarbons


  • Squares, avenues or common areas in public or private urban environment to recover
  • Surfaces that need a finishing with natural grit in harmony with external environment
  • Garden avenues, golf courses and camping areas whose hydro-geological characteristics must not be altered

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