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Published on luglio 9th, 2014 | by Sara Leonardi



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The self-installing indoor flooring ArsRatio Casalgrande Padana

An innovative system
ars_ratio1The self-installing indoor flooring ArsRatio Casalgrande Padana is a radical change in the traditional concept of ceramic floors although it maintains all its qualities while turning a static element into a dynamic and flexible system. Its installation is extremely simple and versatile, it has great aesthetic value and resists both distributed and concentrated loads and proves to be the ideal solution for floors installed in exhibition spaces, shows, trade fair stands, showrooms, temporary shops, historical buildings and museum installations (to protect ancient and precious surfaces) and any other environment in the tertiary, commercial and residential sectors.

ars_ratio2ArsRatio Casalgrande Padana is dry installed without glue or time consuming screed priming operations. Thanks to a simple tongue and groove anchoring system, it is possible to install a ready-to-use and steady floor. Panels can be easily removed and reused, thus optimising investment, environmental impact, the recycling chain and the sustainability process.

ArsRatio Casalgrande Padana is uniquely versatile: each panel may be removed and replaced at any moment quickly and effectively, without forming any dust, debris or waiting times as traditionally observed with other glued flooring systems. The same panel installation may be arranged in an aligned or chequered fashion.

ars_ratio3Thanks to ArsRatio Casalgrande Padana, individual panels are directly laid on the concrete screed or pre-existing floor. The connection between elements is ensured by a tongue and groove perimeter joint system ensuring stability and preventing horizontal movements due to tangent loads on the module.

ArsRatio Casalgrande Padana combines the fireproof qualities of both porcelain stoneware and the non-flammable support material, with Bfl-s1 fire reaction class. Consequently, the panels may be used in public venues subject to specific fireproof requirements classified as class 1 or lower pursuant to the Italian Ministerial Decree dated 16th February 1982.

AR14 - Light, thin and shock resistant
ars_ratio4Each AR14 panel is made up of a 10.5 mm thick stoneware slab, selected from the Casalgrande Padana range, coupled to a steel support and a special perimeter edge for an overall thickness of 13.5 mm. The final result is a finished floor with 3 mm standard joints, the colour of which may be light grey or, upon request, in a favourite colour depending on the ceramic surface.

The AR14 panels guarantee a range of benefits, especially in renovation projects and in buildings where the weight burdening on the structure must be decreased. Among the main advantages, the most salient are:

  • simple installation procedure as the AR14 systems is suitable for installation of existing floors;
  • high shock and dynamic load resistance;
  • fire resistant;
  • reduced installation time and immediate use of the premises;
  • reduced inconveniences usually due to the renovation process;
  • elimination of the removal and disposal costs regarding the existing floor;
  • limited need to change fittings, doors and windows;
  • reduced weight burdening on the main structure and on the floors;
  • possibility to easily remove and replace, at any moment, either a single tile or the entire floor system.

AR30 - Fast, convenient, elegant and durable
Each AR30 panel is composed of a porcelain stoneware slab selected from the very broad Casalgrande Padana product range connected to a support and a special perimeter edge. Depending on the prescribed use, the high-resistance support composition may be:

  • AR30 Standard: reinforced polystyrene
  • AR30 Plaster: fibreglass-reinforced plaster

The overall thickness in both cases is 27 mm. With a combination of highly reticulated polyurethane, the backing sticks to the porcelain stoneware tile, binding it into a multi-layered system, where the joints are formed by the very outer edges. The final result is a finished floor with 3 mm standard joints, the colour of which may be light grey or, upon request, in a favourite colour depending on the ceramic surface.

AR30 panels bring several advantages, especially in refurbishment projects, non-permanent flooring installation or any instance requiring frequent surface replacement for either aesthetic or functional reasons (trade shows, temporary exhibitions, stores, etc.).
Among the most outstanding advantages:

  • Simpler installation thanks to the ability to install AR30 directly on the existing floor or on the screed;
  • A remarkable reduction in installation time and, consequently, the immediate use of the premises;
  • Elimination of pre-existing floor removal and disposal costs;
  • Ability to easily remove and replace, at any moment, a single tile or the entire floor.

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