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Published on aprile 2nd, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

Vitrified stoneware

The intense research and testing effort deployed for high technical and aesthetic content ceramic elements featuring in the Pietre Native line finds a new form of expression in the Amazzonia series. Made with the most advanced technology applied to fully vitrified stoneware, this material is a re-visitation of the geological and morphological structure of the natural stone they take their name from, while they display unprecedented colour combinations.


Full-body structure, different coarseness, veins, stripes, overtones, materiality and surface finishes feature the same characteristics as natural stone, though the colour effects and the shade variations are absolutely unique and load this product with further expressive options in terms of aesthetic and composition. The structure is the same as stone, while the colours have been created specifically for this product.


Amazzonia, the result of extensive research on the material and colour composition and structure of fully vitrified stoneware, is available in 8 warm shades of delicate, ranging from white to grey and black, from beige to brown and hazel, from green to pink.

The variety of the colour palette is further extended by two available finishes – natural and grip (slightly structured) – and four rectified modular formats – cm 30×60, 60×60, 45×45, 45×90 – in addition to all cut-out sizes.


High technical and functional performance, combined with the comprehensive range of arrangements, turn Amazzonia into the ideal solution for flooring and covering both indoors and outdoors spaces in any and all applications: from residential construction to modern public architecture, all the way to urban furnishing and refurbishment works.

Just like the rest of the Casalgrande Padana catalogue, the Amazzonia series features high eco-compatibility characteristics. As a matter of fact the company has always been committed to the research for innovative technologies to produce high performance and low environmental impact products, as it is certified by the ISO 14001 and Emas standards.

Performance and technical features

Product type: Pietre Native line

Classification: B1a group – fully vitrified (UNI EN 14411 – ISO 13006).

Sizes: cm 30×60, 60×60, 45×45, 45×90.

Thickness: mm 10.5.

Colours: beige, black, brown, chocolate, eldorado, green, grey, white.

Finish: natural surface or grip.

Size and aesthetic features: minimum tolerance in premium selection (UNI EN ISO 10545-2).

Water absorption: ≤ 0.1% (UNI EN ISO 10545-3).

Bending strength: N/mmq 50÷60 (UNI EN ISO 10545-4).

Frost resistance: guaranteed (any standard).

Chemical resistance (excluding hydrogen fluoride): no alteration (UNI EN ISO 10545-13).

Wear and abrasion resistance: high

Linear thermal expansion:  6.6×10-6 (UNI EN ISO 10545-8).

Stain resistance: guaranteed (UNI EN ISO 10545-14).

Colour resistance to light: no variation (DIN 51094).

Applications: indoors and outdoors flooring and covering, raised flooring, ventilated walls and façade covering.

Scope: residential construction, public and service applications, commercial and tertiary, new building and refurbishment projects.


All Pietre Native tiles are tested and certified in compliance with national and international standards, thus confirming much higher value than usually required.


Tags: Ceramic floorings, Ceramic walls, vitrified stoneware

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