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Published on luglio 9th, 2014 | by Sara Leonardi



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The CP-KERCLIP and CP-KERFIX facade cladding systems

Glued slabs and visible safety clips

The system
The CP-KERCLIP facade cladding system is simple and relatively cost effective, in that the ceramic slabs do not require any type of preparation work. Using the double buttering technique, the slabs are glued directly to the support inserting metal plates with visible safety clips secured mechanically by expansion plugs or nails.

Plates with safety clips
The plates with the safety clips are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and may optionally be painted the same colour as the ceramic slabs to mitigate their visual impact.
This system involves the use of two types of plates:

  • Intermediate plate (Type 1) with 4 clips to be secured to the corners of 4 ceramic slabs.
  • Stop-end plate (Type 2) with two clips to be secured to the base of the first lower row of slabs and to the top of the upper row of slabs.

Both plates are pierced to be secured to support through expansion plugs or nails (depending on the type of support).
Using these types of clip, the slabs forcely need to be installed with an horizontal joint of approx. 8 mm.
In addition to plates for standard ceramic slabs 9,5-10,5 mm thick, special plates are available for ceramic slabs of the new SOTTILE range with 4,5 mm thickness only.

Glued slabs and invisible safety clips

The system
CP-KERFIX is an innovative system to secure glued ceramic slabs to façades using invisible mechanical clips. In this system, the back of the ceramic slabs is cut in special patterns that will accommodate the safety clips. The number of cuts, and therefore the number of clips, will depend on the size of slabs and their layout on the façade.

The safety clips
The mechanical safety clips are made of pre-pressed AISI 304 stainless steel and, in addition to holes to be secured to walls, they have a special self-locking device to keep the slabs in place.
With the self-locking device, the clips may be easily placed and anchored into the cut by simply pressing them with one’s hands.
Located all over the surface of the clip, the holes are 8 mm in diameter; expansion plugs or nails may be used to secure the clips.

The advantages
The unique features of the CP-KERFIX may be summed up as follows:

  • Slabs are secured to the façade by invisible clips
  • Available for any size, colour or surface of any standard slab, 9,5 to 10,5 mm thick
  • The width of the joints may be chosen by the designer
  • Easy to make and easily manageable on the site.

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